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Why Kaycan Can be the Best Vinyl Siding Option for Your Home

Why Kaycan Can be the Best Vinyl Siding Option for Your Home

Posted on 25 Aug 2016

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“The four building blocks of the universe are fire, water, gravel, and vinyl” (Dave Barry, Pulitzer Prize winner, author, and columnist) 

Vinyl siding is a form of plastic siding that is installed on the exterior of a home. It is used for both weatherproofing and decorative purposes alike. An alternative to fiber cement siding (and aluminum, etc.), vinyl is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin in addition to other additives that complete its weatherproofing nature. Vinyl siding is one of the most common forms of exterior cladding found on Lower Mainland homes because of its cost effectiveness, ease of installation, and low upkeep.

When it comes to vinyl siding, Weatherguard Exteriors trusts in Kanyan products. Kanyan has been a leader in the vinyl siding industry for many years. Known for delivering high-performance, durable, and great looking cladding, Kanyan may be the perfect choice for your next home exterior project.

Let’s take a look at two key Kanyan products supplied, and installed by, Weatherguard Exteriors.

Reasons Why Kanyan Vinyl Siding and Shingles May be the Perfect Fit for Your Greater Vancouver Home

Kanyan Vinyl Plank Siding

Kanyan’s horizontal beaded plank siding is a favorite of those that have a penchant for timeless architectural flair. The panels are 6.5″ inches wide with a 5/8″ reveal (vertical width of boards that are exposed) and handcrafted in a colonial style that bestows a distinguishing sequence of shadow lines along the home exterior. The low-gloss brushed finish conveys a wood grain texture that provides no visual indication of its PVC properties, providing homeowners with a remarkable and traditional aesthetic with all of the weatherproofing durability that great vinyl siding provides. Available colours include linen, prestige beige, mocha, sandalwood, white, and slate grey. And because this product is completed with state-of-the-art Duratron Colorfast™ Vinyl Technology that ability to weather any storm comes a no expense to color retention.

Kanyan’s board and batten vertical siding offers the distinctive look of cedar. Its heavy gauge premium thickness (1/2” profile) together with impactful shadow lines and low gloss finish further work to create the authentic look of tongue and groove (method of fitting wood edges together) cedar planks. The product is finished in either smooth and woodgrain to accommodate your preferences. Available Duratron Colorfast™ colors are too numerous to list, but highlights include azure blue,  bisque, willow green, and pebblestone. Contact us for further specifications.

When you install Kanyan vinyl plank siding you weatherproof and enhance the curb appeal of your Greater Vancouver home for many years to come.

Kanyan Vinyl Shingle Siding

Kanyan’s Perfection shingles are just that. Manufactured to mimic cedar (preferred style of choice for the Lower Mainland BC region) this shingle installation will not crack, rot or warp. Aptly noted as “A faithful reproduction of cedar’s natural grain” the .09″ thick Kanyan shingles can take the brunt of the most harsh of B.C. storms, including winds up to 220 mph (254 kph). The product’s variable width keyways (joints between shingles) have been designed to expand and contract without opening or buckling under pressure. These shingles are strong and built to last which is why the manufacturer is happy to append a limited lifetime warranty.

Aesthetically, the texture has been molded from actual cedar, so the distinctive look of the wood carries through onto your home exterior. In addition, applied advanced colour-through process has provided unmatched colour-fade resistance so not only will the function of your shingles last, the look will too. Kanyan shingles are available in 27 colours (options in Vancouver subject to current availability) so finding a match suited to your home will be a breeze.

Weatherguard Exteriors is an exclusive supplier and installer of Kanyan vinyl siding and shingles in Greater Vancouver. Contact us at 1.604.574.1985 to discuss your up and coming home exterior project.