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What’s the Best Siding Option for Vancouver Homes?

What’s the Best Siding Option for Vancouver Homes?

Posted on 31 Jan 2017

When choosing to retrofit your home’s exterior in Metro Vancouver, it’s important to make sure you pick the siding option that best suits your needs. Affordability, aesthetic style, durability and maintenance requirements are all important considerations.

With the unique climate of the Lower Mainland, being a coastal region with its rainy, humid winters and temperate, sunny summers, knowing how different siding products hold up against weather conditions is a top priority before you make any decision.

Plus, all of these factors make a difference in the long-run and require planning up front. Doing your research up front is importance since all types of siding come with different installation requirements, offer a vast array of visual styles and each have different impacts on your home’s value.

With so many siding options to choose from, having a strong base understanding of their differences can go a long way in protecting your home and making it look beautiful too. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each siding option.

Choose the Best Siding Option for Your Metro Vancouver Home

Fibre-Cement Siding (Hardie)

Fibre-cement siding has grown in popularity over the past few decades thanks to its relatively strong durability levels and how comparatively affordable it is.

Made of cellulose fibres, cement and sand, fibre-cement exterior-siding deliver the best bang for your buck with its wide-ranging advantages, including being resistant to almost all kinds of weather, adaptable to any kind of aesthetic style including imitation wood and imitation shingles, and repellant against cracks, burns and rot. Recent innovations in painting techniques has made it possible to achieve a semi-transparent stain look on fiber cement.

Requiring less maintenance than wood siding makes fiber-cement one of the best siding options.

Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM)

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is an extremely flat, lightweight and formable cladding material. ACM allows architects and designers unparalleled freedom of design and creativity.

ACM has a smooth surface and a host of advantageous properties making it the material of choice for architects around the world. Benefits include excellent shock resistance, superior vibration absorbency and excellent for rainscreen applications.

The factory applied coil coated FEVE paint finish with Lumiflon® is recognized as the best coating available proven to endure the toughest climates and environmental conditions. It is available in a multitude of standardized colours as well as made-to-order custom colours to meet every colour desire.

ACM panels are quite expensive, though their durability and maintenance free characteristics often make this a common choice in premium installations.

Stone Siding

Stone siding is largely manufactured stone veneer because of its costs, but it offers a classic look that never seems to go out of style.

Its only major downside is in how difficult it is to install, making it more costly than other options. But its uniquely rustic look is absolutely eloquent. Stone siding is easy to maintain, resistant to mold and moisture, and is possibly the longest-lasting and most robust siding option a homeowner can purchase.

Alternatively, polyurethane molded stone can be used and makes installation very simple.  The technological advances in materials, molds, and finishing makes these a competitive alternate to real stone.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a great option for many homeowners who want simplicity, affordability and value. Vinyl doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and can easily be cleaned with soap and water. It is inexpensive and capable of lasting multiple decades.

Although it does come in a variety of colours, aesthetic options are mostly minimal and the material is susceptible to the occasional dent here and there.

Wood Siding

Wood sidings, which are native to the areas around the Lower Mainland, are mainly consisting of Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir or Pine.

Cedar siding gives your home a warm and natural look that instantly connotes timelessness. Cedar is completely compostable and naturally decay-resistant, so in many ways it’s a safe choice, and damaged cedar siding boards are fairly easy to replace.

Wood sidings are flammable and do require a lot of upkeep with staining and paint. But if you can manage the maintenance commitments, you’ll end up with a product that offers more aesthetic warmth than any other siding.

Cost and maintenance are the only downside to wood sidings.


Renovating and Installing Siding in Metro Vancouver

Weatherguard Exteriors is Metro Vancouver’s premier option for professional siding installation. Whether you’re seeking fibre-cement, aluminum, stone, vinyl or cedar siding, our experts have the knowledge and the skills to make sure you receive the siding product that best accommodates your home and your tastes.

We provide siding solutions to homes in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond or anywhere in the Lower Mainland. Call us today for a free consultation and to discuss your siding needs—we’re here to help. We can advise on best options for which siding product you choose so you can make the decision that works for you.