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What Makes James Hardie Siding Better for Vancouver Homes

What Makes James Hardie Siding Better for Vancouver Homes

Posted on 09 Aug 2016


Siding is essentially the most important part of your home exterior. Not only is it the first thing that anyone notices about your residence upon approach, it serves as the primary means of protecting your property from the damaging effects of weather. It also provides insulation.

There are a lot of siding products to choose from. There are nearly as many styles and varieties as there are buildings. Making a decision as to which option best suits your needs can be a daunting task, without the right information. Given that siding plays such an important role in the defense against the Lower Mainland weather and is a vital part of your home’s exterior envelope, making the right choice means everything to the longterm health of your property.

With decades of experience under our work belt, Weatherguard has arrived at one very clear choice when it comes to siding products – James Hardie. Without any vested interest beyond the needs of our customers (you!) we have provided the key reasons as to why you will want to encase your home in James Hardie siding installations.

5 Reasons Why James Hardie Siding is a Preferred Solution for Greater Vancouver Properties

1. Durability for Your HardieZone®

Proverbial rain, sleet, or snow don’t stand a chance against the defense James Hardie siding provides. Wind is also an afterthought. James Hardie Building Products Inc invented fiber cement for use in siding products. Born from the necessity to accommodate the diverse climates of U.S. and Canada alike, the product line can take the brunt of heavy rains, hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, snowstorms, UV exposure and humidity. To simplify things for the consumer and builder, the HardieZone® system was created. This classification system ensures that homeowners receive the right product for their region. For example, the line of HZ5® products are manufactured to resist the wettest (and coldest) of conditions. Depending upon where in the Lower Mainland you reside, this line may be best suited for you. Your installation provider will inspect your property, enter your area code into the James Hardie system, and come up with a solution customized to your exact region. Simply (and officially) put, James Hardie products are Engineered for Climate®, your climate.

2. Aesthetics

James Hardie siding is sexy. OK, it may be a far step to align siding with such a term, but when it comes to home exteriors nothing will make your home stand out on the block better. It is not uncommon for us to get referrals for neighboring properties once next door residents witness the overnight impact on aesthetics that a James Hardie installation can have. Color experts have delivered a line of products with a stunning selection of color options because they know what looks great on exterior siding. There is no Pantone color that James Hardie siding can’t complement. Exclusive ColorPlus® Technology provides you with a durable multi-coat finish, baked-on bond, and UV-ray resistance that prevents fading and keeps the exact tone of your exterior for years to come.

In addition to color, James Hardie siding is prepared to match the architectural design of your home and surrounding community. The product lines offer a variety of textures and widths to complement the exterior style you desire. Do you want to add defined horizontal lines to your siding? HardiePlank® lap siding will do the job. Prefer a rustic board, batten look? HardiePanel® vertical siding and HardieTrim® boards may be the solution. James Hardie home exterior products not only improve the look of a home exterior, they enhance the curb appeal of the entire block.

3. ROI

Will a James Hardie siding installation cost more? Not necessarily. Even the technically superior fiber cement product costs less than a traditional wood panel installation. Regardless, when looking at the longterm (which homeowners do), studies have shows that siding with fiber cement yields a superior return-on-investment when compared to other home renovation projects, interior and exterior alike. Future expenditures are reduced because a lower susceptibility to weather damage, fire (Hardie fiber cement siding is non-combustible), and pest infestation, all of which can also lead to lower insurance premiums. The added benefit of thermal resistance helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which equals a lower monthly utilities expense. You’ll see ROI faster than ever when using this line of siding.

4. Reputation

Residential builders and home exterior renovation professionals all over North America know the James Hardie name. Over 30 years ago, Hardie designed and manufactured a wide range of fiber-cement building products, siding included. Since then, their products have been used for properties all over the world. There is no shortage of glowing testimonials, coming straight from the homeowners themselves.  View a sample of them here.

5. Ease of Installation

You now know that function, aesthetics, cost, and reputation all add up when it comes to choosing James Hardie products. But will you be able to take advantage of this superior line here in the Lower Mainland? The answer is yes. Weatherguard Exteriors is an exclusive supplier and professional installer of James Hardie building materials. Want to learn more about their siding products for your Greater Vancouver home exterior project? Contact Weatherguard Exteriors at your earliest convenience at 604.574.1985, anytime.