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5 Tips for Comparing Siding Estimates in Vancouver

5 Tips for Comparing Siding Estimates in Vancouver

Posted on 11 Oct 2017

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How to Choose a Siding Contractor in Metro Vancouver

Homeowners throughout the Metro Vancouver region face tough decisions about updating their home’s exterior. The region presents many unique dilemmas about upgrading siding products thanks to its unique climate and the variety of different home types.

And once you’ve finally committed to investing in new siding panels for your house, now you have to choose between multiple estimates for the project from local siding companies in Vancouver.

Lots of valid questions will run through your head. Why are there differences in the siding cost? Does one company use higher quality siding products than the other? Do these Vancouver siding contractors offer insurance, warranties and performance guarantees? Do they have a good reputation based on other siding projects they have worked on in the past?

The answers to all of these questions will play as large factors in your decision as to which of the siding companies you’re considering to install siding on your home.

With over ten years of experience providing home-exterior services to houses throughout the Vancouver area, Weatherguard Exteriors knows what it takes to provide a comprehensive project estimate and quote for your home’s siding. We’re here to help you sift through the small details of your siding estimates so you can choose the best siding company possible for your home.


5 Tips for Picking a Siding Company and Deciding Between Estimates

Here’s a list of five tips to help you review the siding estimates you’ve received from home-exterior contractors so you can rest assured that your Vancouver home-siding company is the right fit for your house.

1. Compare Siding Companies by Reputation

Do your research and look at portfolios of previous work done by the companies to see if the jobs look reputable. Customer reviews and a Better Business Bureau rating, both of which Weatherguard Exteriors is proud to claim, can also help certify the siding company’s trustworthiness.

2. Research the Materials for the Siding on Your Home

Make sure the quote you receive from each siding contractor goes into detail about the materials to be used for your home-siding renovation, whether it be vinyl, aluminum, wood or James Hardie fibre cement. No two homes are alike, so the right siding material that makes the most sense for your home will play a large role in the lifespan and the effectiveness of the siding itself to better protect your home from the elements and provide the proper insulation.

3. Always Get an Assurance of Verifiable Insurance

If the Vancouver siding company you’re considering is truly reputable, their contractors will be covered for general liability in case your home is accidentally damaged and for worker compensation to protect you from any lawsuits in case any of the contractors are injured on the job.

4. Study the Siding Warranties Involved in the Exterior Estimate

It’s best if your siding contractor can provide warranties for the work they will do so you know your home-exterior investment will be protected. Make sure to enquire about warranties for both the workmanship and the materials so your bases are fully covered.

5. Siding Installation Cost Should Be One of Many Factors

Affordability is always a reasonable concern, but only make a price-based decision if all other factors are equal and cancel each other out. If not, and if one quote is significantly lower than the others, ask yourself why and carefully consider those external factors to determine that you’re not making any detrimental sacrifices to quality, durability, craftsmanship and curb appeal.


Get a Reliable Siding Estimate From Weatherguard Exteriors in Vancouver

Weatherguard Exteriors offers quality, insured and reputable products and services for siding installation and siding renovations for homes throughout the Lower Mainland. We customize our comprehensive and transparent estimates for your home to meet your needs. Contact us if you have any questions or for a free consultation today.