Home and Building Exterior Trim for Greater Vancouver BC

Residential Exteriors

Trim and molding distinguish a single detached family home, townhouse, or strata complex from the next. It adds personality (or complements yours), increases property value, and provides a functional service of waterproofing along corners and around doors and windows of your home.

Curb appeal is a big deal in the Lower Mainland and when it comes to making your residential property more attractive while adding an extra layer of protection it gets no better than a custom trim and molding installation.

Commercial Exteriors

Custom professional trim is essential for commercial businesses. Whether you retail fashionable wares or power tools the aesthetic of where you host your products/services speaks volumes about quality and brand image. Will your moldings convey a contemporary, fanciful, or traditional theme? Will you go with cove or crown, batten or baseboard?

A lot of thought goes into the right trim and molding for commercial buildings. They have implications on your bottomline. How your building looks from the outside will dictate whether or not customers choose to come inside. Put your best foot forward and you’ll get theirs in the door.

Trim is what makes your building unique. If you can imagine it, we can design it. If you can’t imagine it, our creative sales people can develop a trim solution that makes your existing property or up and coming project stand out.

Industrial Exteriors

Traditionally, industrial developers didn’t pay as much attention to the trim of their warehouses or manufacturing facilities. That was then.

Today, the highly competitive industrial sectors of Greater Vancouver are vying for the attention of enterprises. Industrial parks have become public facing and serve to attract complimentary businesses to the area, commercial included. For developers, trim and molding now have an immediate impact on tenant interest. For industrial businesses themselves, the same has an impact on everything from employee pride to public relations. Whichever category you fall under you will most certainly want to consider professional and customized trim installation.

Municipal Exteriors

Municipal buildings have all eyes on them. Make sure you make a great first impression because you’re working with tax dollars here. Your installation speaks to the community’s established persona, whether it’s a school building extension, recreational facility, or tourist information centre. Public interest in municipal properties is at an all-time high and the right trim and molding installation will enhance public perception of your municipal build.