Metal Flashing Installation Greater Vancouver BC

Metal Flashing Restoration

Metal flashing is a primary line of defense for any residential exterior. The corners and joints that combine to form roofing and exterior walls alike have metal flashing installed around the small details. In particular, metal flashing is found around chimneys, furnace vents, skylights, entryways, and windows.

This necessary form of property protection decreases the opportunity for water penetration and is essential to any weather resistant exterior project.

Common Metal Flashing Materials Used in Lower Mainland Installations and Repair

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Other

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Property Owners Beware of Galvanic Corrosion!

It should be noted that metal flashing represents one of the most sensitive building exterior installations. The installation is susceptible to galvanic corrosion, a chemical reaction between metal flashing materials. For example, copper and lead cannot come into proximity of aluminum, zinc, or treated steel without the risk of premature corrosion. In addition, aluminum and zinc must not come in contact with pressure treated wood, which will also induce immediate corrosion. Aluminum flashing can also be damaged by moist mortar and plaster. But there’s more! The salt spray found in coastal Greater Vancouver areas accelerates corrosion so coated aluminum, copper, or stainless steel are highly recommended.

Simply put, if your essential metal flashing installation is not placed in the right hands you run the risk of significant longterm damage. Contact Weatherguard Exteriors to make sure your metal flashing installation is corrosion-concern free!