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Got Wood? James Hardie Products Offer Wood Siding Alternative

Got Wood? James Hardie Products Offer Wood Siding Alternative

Posted on 18 Aug 2016

James Hardie Wood AlternativeThere is no doubt that wood siding provides a timeless aesthetic that truly makes a home feel like a home. Wood works for traditional and contemporary residential architecture alike. And in some climates it makes perfect sense. But in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and many other geographically dispersed climates wood siding, panels, boards, and batten are more susceptible to the elements. Your coastal home may look timeless, but in reality its lifespan can be cut in half when dependent upon wood siding to protect it from rain, wind, moisture, and pests.

So do you have to sacrifice your affinity for wood grains and textures when considering the exterior of your home? Not at all. Thankfully, Weatherguard Exteriors is an exclusive supplier and installer of James Hardie products. Let’s take a look at the wood-mimicking (in look and feel) home exterior products available for your Greater Vancouver home.

Best Alternatives to Wood Siding for Your Lower Mainland Property

HardiePanel Vertical Siding

HardiePanel vertical siding has been engineered for the British Columbia climate (and the like). The product is formed from factory-primed fiber cement which means that it can withstand any form of Pacific Northwest weather that comes its way. We know that when you hear the words “fiber cement” the last thing that comes to mind is wood. However, the geniuses behind this product line have worked diligently to produce a surface and texture identical to wood. We dare any passer-byer to tell the difference, even upon closer inspection.

The product is outfitted with ColorPlus Technology. The coating is factory applied and receives an oven-baked finish, delivering wood textures that include Cedarmill (looks and feels like cedar) and Sierra 8, the latter which combines texture and a linear detail that adds dimension without getting too fancy about things. View more on HardiePanel vertical siding.

HardiePlank Lap Siding

HardiePlank lap siding is the most popular brand of siding in North America (B.C. included) for a good reason. For starters, in accordance with the HardieZone System, it is engineered to withstand not just rain, wind, and moisture it is prepared to take on those pesky La Niña and El Niño forces that can throw unexpected extremes of snow, ice and UV exposure depending on the season. But again, for all of its functional attributes you also want that wood look you admire so. You’ll be pleased to know that all HardiePlank lap siding arrives in a variety of looks and textures. Among them are Cedarmill, and Beaded Cedarmill (inspired by cottage and bungalow styled coastal community homes), in addition to other select variations that can be matched to your favorite wood texture of choice. View more on HardiePlank Lap Siding.

HardieTrim Boards

You’ll want to complete the classic or contemporary wood appearance of your exterior by adding complementary trim and fascia. That’s where HardieTrim boards come in. The line of fiber cement trim and fascia not only adds the finishing touch to the aesthetic, they too are all engineered for the British Columbia climate. HardieTrim boards seal the deal on durability while allowing you to incorporate that wood look to the trim, gables, corners, fascia, windows, doors, columns, and the other architectural accents on your cherished home. The wood-esque options are exquisite, and includes standard Rustic Grain with raised texture trim that mimics wood, without the warp and rot! The Rustic Grain trim works well on B.C. coastal homes, mountain chalets, and ranch properties alike. Batten Rustic Grain is a batten board with a Rustic Grain finish that creates a quaint and traditional board and batten appearance and also works well on rustic homes. View more on HardieTrim Boards.


Want to learn more about how you can protect your home from Greater Vancouver’s coastal climate without sacrificing the look and feel you prefer? Contact Weatherguard Exteriors at your earliest convenience.