Meet the Team - Your Greater Vancouver Exterior Renovations Experts

Bob McNeilly

Bob McNeilly Weatherguard GuttersWe are pleased to welcome Bob McNeilly to the Weatherguard Exteriors team as General Manager. More information coming soon!

Vincent Egresits

Vince Egresits - Weatherguard ExteriorsVincent Egresits is the newest member of our team at Weatherguard Exteriors and brings 15 years of experience to his Project Managment role. With a background in quality assurance, quality management, and construction management Vincent is an integral part of the Weatherguard Exteriors team. His experience leading teams and supervising on major construction projects across BC and Alberta has given Vincent the tools necessary to assist Weatherguard Exteriors as they continue to meet the growing market for exteriors in the Vancouver area. Vincent works closely with all of the major projects to ensure that the homeowners, builders, and our team are working together towards successful completion.

Vince Reimer

Vince Reimer - Weatherguard GuttersVince Reimer has been a Weatherguard Exteriors Inc. Estimator/Project Coordinator since 2005. Vince got his start with an Architectural Technology diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and had worked as a draftsman for an architectural firm prior to joining Weatherguard Exteriors Inc. Vince has also had experience as both a computer technician and market data salesperson.

Vince is passionate about ensuring that your project will be quoted accurately, fairly and in a timely fashion.

Stephen Wall

Stephen Wall - Weatherguard ExteriorsStephen is the CEO for Weatherguard Group Inc and he received his Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Windsor in 2005. As a marketer Stephen has shown significant strength, creativity and results for his multiple clients. Over the past few years he has developed a niche in working with professional services such as dental practices, law offices and mortgage brokers. His success is due in part has been his ability to listen to his clients concerns along with their largest obstacles and offer solutions to create success. Stephen brings this client-focused philosophy into his everyday work at Weatherguard.

With the growth of the Weatheguard Group over the last number years Stephen is excited about the future of Weatherguard Exteriors. “We see an opportunity in the marketplace to build upon what Russ has started and really expand our offerings for both new construction and meeting the needs of those that are looking for a renovation of their home.”

Russ Lawrie

Russ Lawrie - Weatherguard Exteriors

Jason Alcott

Jason Alcott - Weatherguard Exteriors